Strategic Visionary & Creative Innovator: Meet André 

I am a marketing expert with deep knowledge in storytelling, strategy and UX with a strong background in agencies as well as industry levels.

Find below some extracts you`ll also find on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katet/

„Reference – Aleksandar Stojanovic about André Roszik“
„Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at AVA“
„Working with Andre was always very successful and profitable. But – and that makes it special – it was also great fun and a special experience in regards to his focus. He is a clear thinker who is getting things done.“


„Reference – Jörg Tacke about André Roszik“
„Board Member / Operations, Finance at Selinka / Schmitz Kommunikationsagentur, Cologne“
„In my function as Managing Director of Grey Healthcare/ WPP I have worked with André in his capacity as Digital Strategist and New Media Director. He was responsible for various pan-European clients and managed to push all the digital topics with his outstanding digital expertise. His approach is action and solution orientated and with his nature he can mobilize resources needed to solve problems. I really hope to have a chance to work with André again.“


„Reference – Andreas Rex about André Roszik“
„Digital Healthcare Marketing“
„Andre Roszik is a remarkable colleague, consultant and freelancer who is a true asset to any digital team. When you ask Andre to join a project you know you are in the best hands. He is always an incredible resource with his broad experience in digital healthcare marketing. I got to know him as an exceptionally strategic and analytical mind with a clear focus on the objectives, target groups and client’s needs. In addition he has an in-depth understanding of design and animations. I like his true passion for simple and elegant design service solutions. And finally you see and feel that he is well networked in the digital healthcare sector. It is a pleasure to work with him!“


„Reference – Dirk Poschenrieder about André Roszik“
„Managing Director at Havas Health & You“
„Andre is a creative, innovative thinker with a deep knowledge and competency of digital communications and complex project analysis and management. One of those rare individuals who is equal parts creative and analytical. This unique combination makes him the ideal strategic partner and constant innovator. I have personally worked with Andre on multiple accounts /projects where one minute he is developing a creative marketing strategy and the next working on a project plan, financial analysis, or technical diagram. His years of experience easily shown through but never with arrogance or attitude. I’d work with him again any time. I’m sure that our paths will cross again in the future.“



„Reference – Anne-France Quentric Melay about André Roszik“
„Senior Director International Communication chez Zoetis Inc.“
„Andre Roszik deploys great understanding skills to meet his customers’ needs and implement effective campaigns in a creative and optimal way. Andre is serious, respect deadlines and works tirelessly to achieve the best possible campaigns.“


My Philosophy



Where Understanding Ignites and Solutions Come to Life: Bridging Insight and Action for a Better Outcome.



The Crucial Process Where Imagination Meets Reason, Paving the Way for Endless Innovation and Sustainable Solutions.



Where Artistry Meets Strategy, Transforming Ideas into Unforgettable Experiences that Resonate and Convert.


Planning is pivotal. A systematic approach allows us to craft a marketing strategy for your business, ensuring the desired outcomes – enabling effective and efficient planning.


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